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Home Sweet Home

Having a home is not just a feeling,it is something deep in your heart. In this place, it is somewhere you can build memories. It is a place where you can make mistakes too. Home is a place full of firsts starting from your childhood, to adulthood. Home always bursts with love and laughter with many ups and downs. It is a place where you can introduce many facts and learn lots of things. Home is a safe place and it keeps you warm during cold,winter nights. It is also a place where you can learn, grow and change. Home is always full of life and is full of people that you love. Home is a place where you can pray and celebrate different holidays. Home is a place you can trust no matter what. I love my home more than anything and am very thankful for it. It is sad to know that many people are stuck on streets alone and far from their family. Who starve and beg for food and water No matter what it takes, we need to give these people a proper home. We can make a huge difference. Thank You Habitat for humanity for giving these people a home.


Grade 4

Calgary, Alberta

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