Meaning of Home

Home is something or someone that you truly care about. You could feel safe, loved, comfortable, trusted, and much more! For me, home is my family, my friends, my cats, and my dog. Home to me is the fact that I have someone to love, feel safe around, someone that I trust, that I feel comfortable around. Home could mean many things, many people. Home and house are two different things! Think about it! Home is not a physical structure that takes time to build. Home doesn't need any time to build. Home is a feeling, not a building. Home could be a way to express yourself; it could show the way you feel about things or people. Home could be a positive way to show the way you look at the world. Your family, your friends, all of those would have a place in your heart. Don't be afraid to open up your heart and let the things you care about in. That would only make your heart grow. Don't worry that your heart will grow too big. That will only make people trust you more. Don't listen if someone tries to ruin your home. They don't have to worry about your home. They should worry about their home. Everyone deserves a home. Everyone deserves something or someone to care about. You don't need a house to have a home. You don't need a building to have a feeling. When you start focusing on your home, your heart makes more room because it knows your home will grow. Your home is right beside you. Not physically, but in your heart. A feeling. So the next time you wake up, the first thing in your mind will be your home. So, may I ask, what is home to you.


Grade 5

Hay River, Northwest Territories

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