Home to Me

Home to me by Leah Graham A home is different for everyone. A home to me is love, where memories are made and laughs are shared. Home to me is family. Every family is different and unique in their own way. In my family we celebrate holidays and traditions such as Christmas. In a home you will always be welcomed and loved for just being you. You will get cheered on through the tough times and the happy times. Home to me is my little sister running and playing and smiling all day long. Home to me is sugar cookies baking in the oven, the sweet smell swirls through the air. Home to me is having adventures. The sound of birds chirping and rivers flowing is the sound of my home. Home is loving, laughing, playing and learning from our mistakes. Home to me is my Dad telling stories by the bonfire. Roasting marshmallows and listening to music. Home to me is encouraging, supporting each other, and always being hopeful no matter how troubling life can be. We always try to pull through on the toughest days. Home to me is my Mom giving hugs when I need them the most. Home is not just a place, a home is wherever the ones I care for most are. A home to me is everything, my memories, my family and my heart. Home is somewhere special, so no matter how far from home we are, it will always be in our heart. Thank you Habitat for Humanity for giving this opportunity to kids all around Canada.


Grade 5

Brookfield, Nova Scotia

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