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Meaning of home

My meaning of home is where I spend time with my family. For example, I love being with my family because they are always helping me and they help me do so much. They drive to places, they play games with me and they help me with homework. My parents have always been nice to me since I was born. I am so grateful to have such nice parents who take me on road trips and buy me stuff all the time.My siblings have always been nice to me since I was a tiny kid. My brothers and my sisters are so nice. My brother plays basketball with me. He always plays games with me all the time. My sister always drives me to places and my other brother helps me with homework . Sometimes I play basketball with all of my siblings.They do anything I want , they are so nice.Also I love my dog so much since I got him. I have so many highlights with him. He runs with me and he plays catch with me. I always sleep with him because he is so cute and he is such a loving dog. We take him on trips. He is so sweet he is funny. I always sleep with him. I used to be scared of dogs but now I have one and I am not scared anymore because he is very friendly and nice. He is a cocker spaniel. He has white and brown spots on it. He is also very loving.My friends are always caring for me. They are here for me. We have a lot of highlights with my friends. For example we play a lot of basketball together and we go to camp together.


Grade 6

Cote St. Luc, Quebec

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