My home

My home I love my home so much. I have never moved so it really feels like home to me. The things that make it feel like home is my family that is in it. The pets inside make it feel like home even more. The things that I can do in my home like sleep, cook, laugh, and play board games. I can do all of that in and around my home (around as in in my yard) I love my home and I hope I always live in my beautiful home. The things I have learned in my home. I have learned to play many board games with family at dinner time, learning to drive my quad, learning how to take care of my pets, learning how to walk, learning how to speak, I have learned so much in my home. You should feel safe at home and loved and cared for. Home is where you learn new things, where you try new foods, a home is where you feel cozy, home is special. A house is just a house. There is not much in it that is as special as the things in your home


Grade 6

Salmon Arm, British Columbia

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