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Home is a place where you find your loved ones. But to me home also means my mom’s delicious food. I have lived in many places in the world. In India, the feeling that makes me feel like home is my mom’s food. My mom makes different cultural food in the house in which my grandma helps her, and the smell that is coming to the bedroom is so delicious. It goes inside my nose and that makes me feel like home. In Mississauga, Canada the taste of the restaurants beside my house which were Indian also reminded me of home. My mom makes different types of cultural foods and some of them are spongy, soft, and hard. Now I am living in Cambridge, Canada. The food that reminds me of home is so many things. In Cambridge there are not so many Indian restaurants, but still when my mom makes food it reminds me of home. What I have learned after living in these many places is that home is not just a place or a building, it is the smell, touch, and taste that makes me feel like home. So for me my home is my mom’s delicious food.


Grade 5

Cambridge, Ontario

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