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The place where I feel special.

Home is where I feel safe in the warmth of my family arms. Home is where we have conflicts that we solve with love and joy. Home is where we create memories by sharing emotions. Home is where I can bath, eat, sleep, and share all my secrets without them being reviled. Home is an incredibly special that I am lucky to have. Home is just nothing compared to a house. A house provides shelter and protection. But it does not give the same feelings, emotions, and vibes. But home can also be your hometown or home country. So, home has lots of meanings, but I am talking about my beautiful home! The place where I do silly things without being embarrassed. Home is where I grew up. Home is where I sit down and look at family pictures as I hear the nice warm fire crackling. Most of us are lucky to have a home. But people do not have a place to call home. So that’s when habitat for humanity comes in to help. They give homes to the ones in need. But truly be grateful for what u have. Because People are not as lucky and would do any thing to be in your shoes. Now once again thank you habitat for humanity.


Grade 4

St- Bruno, Quebec

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