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What a Home Means to Me

What a home means to me is a place where love and memories are made. Home also means family, unity, comfort, security and belonging. What I call home is a belief that is more tied to a sentimental feeling rather than a material or physical concept. It is the right place where I should be; where I am not alone, feel good, and where my family is. Home is intimately tied to my sense of identity and self-determination. It is where we establish a sense of who we are and where we fit in, in this world. The physical space of home becomes intertwined with our emotional experiences, memories, and personal history, shaping our just and abroad built to live in; fact, that is just a definition of a house, home is a place where one not only feels comfortable, but a place we look forward to the opportunity to live in every day. A home is built not just by bricks or wood but by the bond of a family. Fond memories and friends contribute significantly to why their places make us feel complete. What I love most about my home is how and who I share it with. There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home. Home is an environment. It is the feeling that greets me when I walk through the door. It is the people who wait for me when I get home. My home is my rock-solid foundation, and I will take it with me when I leave. That is why a home is so special to me!


Grade 5

Essex, Ontario

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