My Home is.....

Laying on the couch watching Sesame Street with my nephew. Playing Sonic Adventure 2 on my Xbox in the quietness of my room. Eating food and laughing with my fam [family] at the dinner table. When I get home from school I sprint to my bedroom, grab my laptop and my headphones, run to the living room, jump on the couch, and start watching Dragon Ball. Playing Monopoly with my dad or my sis [sister]. The funny faces my dad makes. The happy feeling on my dad's motorcycle during the summer. Hering my nephew giggling in the living room. Baking cookies with my stepmom. Scootering to school during the week. Home is my dog Carly stopping in my bedroom and leaping onto my bed she puts her paws on my chest and then lowers her neck and then begins the attack. Wet slimy kisses cover my face and then I know I'm loved.


Grade 5

Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

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