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The Meaning of Home

I feel loved in my house because my whole family loves me. On my birthday I receive love and beautiful gifts. I can see a lot of love because my younger brother and my younger sister play together a lot and fight together. I can also see love when my mom cooks because she always adds a lot of seasoning. Love is freedom. Sight is important to have. I can see my brother and sister play together. I can also see my mom cooking in the kitchen. I can see my siblings playing outside with my father. I can see them making a fort with the snow. When my parents give me a hug I can feel they love me without them saying it. In my house I feel safe. I feel safe because I am not the only one in the house. I also trust my mom. When my mom and my dads friends come to our house I know they are good people because my mom told me. In my house I have privacy. I have my own big room to myself. My room is as clean as a broom. I also have my own bathroom. I also have my own place to do my homework. When I do my homework I like to do it alone because my brother and sister will bother me. Privacy feels good because nobody can bother you or go through your private stuff.


Grade 6

Rawdon, Quebec

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