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How Does a Home Feel?

Home is not just a set of walls and ceilings. It is a place where you have comfort, it is a place where you can rest. In your home you have memories, with family and pets. It is important to feel safe in your home, it is your safe place. I feel comforted in my home when I am with my parents. I’m comfortable with my parents because they make me feel welcomed in my home. Their smile makes me smile, each time, a little wider. Not only my parents make me feel comfortable, but also my room. My room is my own fortune. Resting in my home is important to me because when I rest in my home it makes me feel comfortable. I feel like I am in my bubble, it is warm and cozy in my blankets. I would rest forever, alone in my room, the peace and quiet of my room. I hear the sound of my parents' feet stomping on the ground above me, like the tippy tappy of falling rain. I have my privacy in my room. I think about all the memories I had in my home. It is important to have memories in your home. Home is a place where you should have good memories like at Christmas or at your birthday. My favorite memories are at Christmas, when we could smell the delicious smell of our oversized dinner. It tasted like haven, the delicious taste of our dinners made sure that we would be way too full to move. Then, I had to help my parents do the dishes. I had to touch the slimy mix of brown sauce and water. Good thing that I could afterwards touch the fluffy fur of my pets.


Grade 6

Rawdon, Quebec

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