My Family, My School, My Canada

Home means lots of things. It’s not only the family you’re in but also the people we choose to be with. It’s also not just the building that you go back to after a long day, but also the community that you spend your days with. It’s where I feel accepted and important, seen and heard, loved and respected. These people are my home. They make me feel important. They smile the moment I walk in. I matter. We rely on each other. When I look after my little siblings while my parents are away or when my dad needs my help changing the car tires, they see me as capable - I am valued. My parents are my home. When I’m with them, I feel accepted. I have a voice. My thoughts and feelings matter. When I play with my siblings, we create extraordinary memories. We don’t just play, we also connect. Hours go by fast because I feel happy and safe with them. Home is the relationships you have in your family. My siblings are my home. My teachers and friends value my thoughts. When I speak, my voice echoes with excitement. I can express myself confidently. I can show who I am without hesitation. My school is home. I wake up knowing I’m safe. I hear birds chirping, I see the sun shining, I feel the cold breeze on a spring morning. I leave my house feeling safe and protected. I don’t worry about explosions as I head to school. I don’t hear sirens screaming through the air. I don’t need to carry weapons. Canada lets me enjoy my life as a typical eleven year old. Canada is home. Home is the connection I make with people who matter, my family, my school community and my country.


Grade 6

Vancouver, British Columbia

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