My meaning of home

To me home is a place where I feel safe, comfortable, free to be myself. It’s also a place with familiar and comforting smells, like freshly baked cookies, flowers and plants, all my sweaty sports gear and my pet lizard. The one place that has all of those things is my house. It’s the place I feel most connected to. I’ve been living in the same house I live in now since I was two months old. It may be loud and always a disaster, (especially when it comes to my younger brother and his toys) but it would feel strange, too perfect if it was quiet, calm and clean. I love my house, I’ve certainly made a lot of good memories there. There was this time when me and my parents had just moved into our house and it was being practically torn apart and re-designed. I found a rat on the floor, it was alive but frozen, as if it was scared that it would drop dead if it even moved a muscle. Anyway, I was only one or two years old, so typically I thought this rat was pretty cute. I decided to pick up the rat. As I reached out to grab it, my mom saw. You can probably imagine the look on her face when she saw the rat on the floor, a look of pure terror. She screamed so loud I’m pretty sure you could hear her from a block away! Now that is an unforgettable memory. Do you remember hurricane Fiona? That is most likely the scariest storm I will ever live in. A tree fell down in my neighbors yard and onto the power line. My whole street lost power for a week! When the power finally did come on it caused our house’s electrical system to catch fire. I was so scared when the police and firefighters came. But I was also super grateful that my dad was brave and stayed calm and managed to put out the fire before it could spread to the rest of our house. After the fire was out I calmed down, my house, all my belongings that were most important to me were safe. But after my dad took in the damage the fire had caused, he declared that we had no heating, and we didn’t have heating until November. From my experience (and also from how many books I’ve read) tragedy brings people and/or places closer together in ways, like in my case, my house. I hope that everyone has a place like my house that they can call home and if you don’t, keep on looking. Sometimes you find things in the most unexpected places. I know that it’s nice to have a place that’s safe, sturdy, that I know will never fall apart, places like that, they give hope.


Grade 6

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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