Home is Where the Heart Is

You and I are happy where we live. Cause our homes are cozy. Home is where my family lives. It has a nice safe roof above my head. Home to me is like a blanket while I sleep, cause it belongs to me. To me, homes not a building with cement. It is not a house with furniture. It doesn't need to be a house at all, when there's things you love there. To me, home is where I can be me, where I can imagine and be free. Where I eat cookies my mom made for me, with lots of activities eating her cookies. You and me are joyful and happy, but a lot of people are not as lucky. Several people live out on the street, and if you would imagine being them, they would be sad and miserable asking for money every day of their life, if we don't do something. So, give them food and water and nice things. And help Habitat for Humanity cause that's a way to help these poor people. This is the end. Thank you Habitat for Humanity for helping so many people live a nice, safe life!


Grade 5

Moncton, New Brunswick

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