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My House is Special

I have lived in my house for my entire life and if you were to live in the same place for your whole life, it would be special. I have slept in every room in my house. My house is 12 years old. It is older than me. We live on an old street so nobody robs anyone's house or car on the street. Also, it is right behind Walmart so I can basically walk to Walmart. It is a 2-minute walk just to get to the plaza. Everything in that plaza is Walmart, Dollarama, Pizza Pizza, McDonald's, etc. Also, I can see everything in the plaza from my house. My house is in the perfect spot. There are birds and squirrels in our backyard every day at around 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. We give the squirrels some food when they come. Also, we have a pretty big backyard where my house is. That is why I think my house is special to me. I have been living there my whole life. It has a great view of the plaza and squirrels come to my backyard. It is pretty amazing how they come to my backyard every day of the week. That is why my home is special.


Grade 6

Brampton, Ontario

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