What a Home means to me

A home is something everyone should have and that's majority of what young children think. But as you get older you realize that is clearly not the case. Many kids, elderly people and people who might need extra support are living with no roof over their heads and that's not okay. Everyone deserves a home and many people are trying to help by donating socks,food,clothes and money. Sadly there's also many people that do nothing about it which is their choice but still they should help at least a little bit. Imagine you are living on the streets with no house, no food and you're wearing torn up clothes. Many people cannot live without their luxury items but there are people all over the world who don't even know what the word luxury means because they can't go to school. Now if you have a home that makes everything easier and when you are sick or trying to learn at least you have some sort of shelter to help you focus on what you’re trying to learn or when you’re sick and want to get some rest instead of trying to find some sort of place to take shelter you can focus on your education and health care. Now this one is really important- The weather here in Canada can be terrible. Imagine being outside when a raging storm or blizzard or even a hurricane or tornado can be brutal sometimes. Also imagine its a hot day and you are out in the scorching sun with no ac or something to cool you down in my opinion thats pure torture. Everyone deserves a home whether big or small, old or young, everyone should have a roof over their head!


Grade 6

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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