The Meaning of Home

M is for the memories we made along the way like game night inside the living room. E is for the excitement we felt when we ate around the dinner table. A is for the amazing feeling when everyone is at home and we are all talking to each other. N is for the night when we all stayed up and watched a movie. I is for inviting all my friends and family to my house to play games and eat. N is for the noises we make out of excitement. G is for the games we play and the games we make. O is for the objects we use to show our feelings for each other. F is for the fun we have when all our relatives are all with each other and talking. H is for the hours we spend in our home. O is for the one special moment we all spend together. M is for the mirror we use everyday that helps us every day with our looks. E is for our environment we take great care of. My home will be different from yours because all houses have their special features.


Grade 5

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

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