Home, A Place Where you Belong

Hello! My name is Leona, I am submitting this piece so I have a chance of giving someone a home. The meaning of home is being able to talk to family, though lots of things I speak of, are personal to me. It's so much more than bricks and tiles. It's way much more than seeing smiles. It's the love inside we always made, and I swear that love will never fade. It's a place you love being there. Where everyone you talk to always will care. It's a place you love, with others around you, where we all are smart, and that's not new. It's a place we go to celebrate. With amazing food right there on our plate. I adore being there! It's a place that smells like beautiful heavenly air. Home feels like cozy soft pillows, I can imagine looking at the beautiful glowing willows. Home is a place you go everyday, it's a place you can relax and even play! Home is somewhere that is cold and warm, It will always protect me from a storm. Home is different from other ones, like whenever we open the window we see the morning bright sun. Home is where my heart always is, when I always feel my mothers bliss. Home is somewhere I love with all of my heart, I feel that as we all do our part. The point is, I love my home, like whenever mom brushes my hair with our favorite comb. It's where we're taught to be very strong, Home is where we hang along, a place we are together and are never apart, home is a place we can always restart. Home is where we feel forgiveness and lots of love, where we can all fly, like a free white dove. To me home tastes like warm hot chocolate on my lips, and a burning mug on my fingertips! Home will never ever leave my life, even if I don't always get the best advice! As I am in a blanket-ball I think I would love to go to Montreal! But home is special no matter what, wherever it is. It's better than a hut. Home is where you take your first steps, it's where you can workout, and do tons of reps! Home can be by mountains or even by a tree, it doesn't matter where it is, it fills my life with glee. Habitat for Humanity builds houses for people without a home. It might even have a garden gnome! I try to help my community too. Everyone can, including you!


Grade 5

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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