What Home Means To Me

Introduction Do you think home is better than any other place in the world? I believe that home is a little better than any other place. Because I have my pets and my two moms and sister and brother and I am able to play games with them. Plus I get to play on my play station 4. Body My pets… They are the best little animals. Their names are Chad, Freya, Luna, Loki, Diesel and Baxter, those are my ferrets and my guinea pigs names are Peach and Daisy. My Mom Debra and my other mom Andrea. They are sweet, kind and loving. We just moved here to New Ross not too long ago. My sister and brother's names are Suzan and Kaleb. They are older than me, Suzan is 21 and Kaleb is 16. My play station 4 games are fun but they get boring after some time. My favorite game is World of war tanks which I just got not too long ago. Conclusion What home means to me are my pets, brother and sister and my play station 4 with my games. And with my loving moms. And love…


Grade 5

New Ross, Nova Scotia

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