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In My Loving Home

In my loving home, I have a loving brother and mom! They are the best family I could ever have! My mom works very hard to give me and my brother a roof over our head. My mom tries her best to give me and my brother everything we want, but if she can't, me and my brother are still happy with the things we do get! My mom makes us a really yummy dinner every night! It's way better than a five star restaurants food! I especially love her crepes! They are the best things ever! And sometimes she takes us to a Nepalese restaurant and I love to get momos! And at least once a year my mom takes me and my brother on a road trip! Last year my mom took me and my brother to Nepal to visit our family! Somethings I don't get to spend time with my mom but when I do get to im super happy! I like to play matching games with my mom and I always win! But when we play with snakes and ladders my mom always wins. My mom also plays chess with my brother and my brother always wins. So I guess each one of us is good at something! Me and my mom also really love baking together! A week ago me and my mom baked really yummy cupcakes! Some had foxes on them, some had owls on them, And some had bears and deers on them! They were birthday cake flavors! And thats why i love my family so much!


Grade 4

Airdrie, Alberta

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