What Home Means to Me

Home is where my dog plays where my cat sleeps in the sun when we're all having fun. When I can be me, when I can be free. When I safe from the storm. In the warmth along with my family. My sister I can talk with and laugh with she helps me when I need it. My mom takes care of me. She helps me when I cry and when I'm worried or scared. My dad takes care of me he makes me feel better when I'm hurt or nervous. When I have a bad day, my family comforts me. My nannie and papa help me if I ever need it. They don't know how much I love them. I love the things they say, it makes me laugh. Even if I had a bad day. They take me to hockey when my mom and dad can’t. They cheer me on. They are a big part of my home and family. To me a home is not a roof, wall, or a floor. a home to me is my family love, and way more. Thank you Habitat for humanity for making homes for people in need and for helping our community.


Grade 5

Moncton, New Brunswick

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