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A place for me to be myself!

To me home is: A spacious place with loud gray walls, a place where you can stay in your pajamas the entire day. In my home we make up silly songs and immediately fall over laughing. In my home we play funny games like Pizza Panic and Lost Kitties or listen to Ed Sheeran music or read for a really long time. Then we frolic in our backyard abandoning all other thoughts. At home we can be free from the outside world. At home, we just have fun and make memories. Because if not to laugh and learn and play what is childhood for? You can really call home anything. Your house, your heart’s place, ta maison but I simply call it home. Sometimes I take for granted all my plants and my big bed with its sunny yellow comforter. Sometimes I forget, not everyone has the privilege to live in a nice warm house.Then I come back down to earth, look around me and feel so thankful for what I have. Habitat for Humanity helps build homes for the people that need them. Thank you Habitat for Humanity! I love my house so much! I wouldn’t change a thing, from its creaky floors to its soft couch! This is my house and I love it!😃🏠


Grade 4

Alexandria, Ontario

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