The Meaning of Home Home means love, happiness,joy,and laughter from family during family gatherings . Home is waking up and knowing that you're safe because you know your family is there to protect you . Families are safe loving people . A house is a building, a home is a family who will be your light to guide you through the darkest times . Home is people who are close and you can count on all the time. These are the most important meanings of home . When I step into my house the smell of the diffuser fills the air, it reminds me of calmness and love , it makes me so calm and happy . I see my family having a great time during our family gatherings. I just love seeing them having fun and making memories. The taste of my moms homemade warm buttery delicious cornbread reminds me of home so much,and it also reminds me of when I was three years old when she would make it. It makes me feel so warm and buttery inside like my moms cornbread. I love the feeling of our fluffy blankets there my favorite to snuggle up with at night because they make me feel warm like love does to you. My biggest connection I have to my home is this hot pink fluffy-ish worn out bunny That i can't sleep without, probably because iv had it since I was three years old and man I will not give that bunny up for anything.Because my mom wants to get rid of it but I won't let her. I love I home and I know you probable do to SO Help people at Habitat for Humanity! to make their lives better and happier By : Harper


Grade 4

Portugal Cove St Philips, Newfoundland and Labrador

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