The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is where my mom cooks dinner, it’s where my dad makes our lunch, it's where I fight with my sister until our mom tells us to love each other. It’s where memories are made, it’s where we moved and where we decorated to our hearts content. It’s where you wake up and smell the smell of a nice breakfast, it’s where I go when I have a long day at school, it’s where my family has movie night, it's where we laugh together. Home is where my mom, sister and I have little chats about our day, it’s where my sister and I talk in her room about her grade 7 drama. It's where my mom makes me read to her, it’s where I play with my bunny, it’s where I argue with my parents, its where my sister gets mad at me for being too in her space in the bathroom. It's where my family talks about their day, it’s where I do my chores, it's where I listen to music in my room, where my sister and I watch tv. It's where my family and I unpack groceries, it’s where we listen to music, it's where I relax, it's where I practice my dances, it’s where my family and I play AuxGod. Its where my bunny roams around, its where I call my friends, its where I clean my room, its where I do my homework, its where my family decides whats for dinner, its where my sister cleans our bunnies cage, its where my mom and sister do math, it’s where I read to my parents, its where I fall asleep, its where I take a bath. Home is where I can feel safe Home is where I can be myself Home is where I can yell all I want and not get in trouble Home is where I can be mean to my sister and not get trouble because she knows its a joke.


Grade 5

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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