Home is

Home Home to me is spending time with family. In Corner Brook my nan and sister live there. It feels nice to have a home. Does it to you? I wish that my family, my nan and pop, and sister would come here. It is nice here too. Everybody is under a roof to be safe or you can go to your grandparents house. Or sister’s house. If you don’t have a cooler get another cooler. Or heater but that broke too get another one. There’s food in your house too. Some people are saving money for stuff. One thing you might get a sister or a brother. Lots of people have a home some people do not. Lot`s of people are saving money to buy a home. We celebrate our birthday`s at home or a place. Everyone will have a good day. With a home some people do not have a home. My room is nice it has lights and punching bag games i could play with i can also play with my toys and plushley’s and a blanket to be comfy and soft


Grade 4

Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador

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