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Home is a place where I live with my family. It’s built with love and emotions. It’s a place where you get cozy under your roof. It is a safe place for me to live. My home is a place that feels warm. Home is filled with its own cozy aroma. Home is also a place where my life builds on. It is a place that comforts me when I’m down. It is also life’s biggest necessity. Home is a place where I fit right in. It’s a place where I’m not excluded and will always be welcome. This is a place that doesn’t care about the money or the fancy stuff we have, it is a place that is about bonding, family, emotions, and friends. Home is not only a physical building, it also sticks to your heart and soul. It’s meant to be in your memories forever. Home is part of the family. Home is hope and the ability to grow and change. That’s what a home is. I’m lucky to have a home and I want to give that experience to others as well. That is why I want to help Habitat for Humanity. I want my writing to help people without a home. Everyone needs a home, not only just for shelter, it will create good and bad memories that shape life. That’s what I want to give to people.


Grade 6

Oshawa, Ontario

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