Home means to me Home means to me. It helps me a place where you should feel love and joy and it is a Safe place where you can just have fun play a VR watch TV and be comfy. And to be able to feel loved, happy just beautiful won't be there and feel respect and a home is just a place where everyone should enjoy. Everyone should have a home everyone needs all if you don't have a home you're not able to experience these things the love and the coziness of the sweet joy and the happiness you could hear from people playing outside on this rink or something here and people having fun the sounds of the birds the sounds of the be able to hear people outside playing that's really fun. I,m just really fun it's just way I need it everyone needs a house I think everyone should have a house they don't have one already they must get one makes you feel happy joy the sounds of your neighbors running down the playing on your bike Where you live this is the place. You observe this is the place where you need if you don't already have one you need one. In the house where you make your first member you take your first step the house you live the place to be able to feel enough for a place you able to feel just smell the fresh smells of chocolate chip cookies being baked from your dad mom your person or yourself you're making love just feels like to smell those chocolate chip cookies perfectly not perfectly round but just right think of you chocolate chip cookie as a place you might remember that happened a chocolate chip you eat when you chocolate chip cookie you eat represent memory think of it like that. Everyone needs a house. Everybody should have one. Everybody needs one and you deserve one. You need just the place where I feel special. Maybe someone fights over a VR but that just feels like my home. We're just screaming and talking to your family sitting on the couch. together making up new games with your brothers.


Grade 4

Portugal Cove St Philips, Newfoundland and Labrador

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