Home is Important

Home is not about the man-made things. On my own where I can feel instead of say. My home is about the feelings of hope, joy and fun. Everyone needs a home so they can be loved and have warmth. It is a place where I don't feel other people will judge. Somewhere I can feel sad, mad and angry but can feel okay about doing it. If I do something wrong, my family will forgive me. Mom and dad are the ones that make me feel good. Playing fetch with my dogs, Benny and Baxter's, favourite toy pig. Once a place just to stay, now an area to laugh and play. Return the favour to your home by keeping it clean. Together at home we help our family; if they're down, we bring them back up. At my space, I can feel safe. Never again I want to see somebody without a place to be. Treat your home with respect because not everyone has one.


Grade 5

L'anse au Loup, Newfoundland and Labrador

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