Home Is...

Home is……….. where my friends are. When I’m with my friends I feel like I can laugh, play and feel what I want to feel. Happy, safe, taken care of and fun. l love playing with my friends in a bunch of different ways. My friends make me feel stupendously good. Home is……….. Home is where my family is. My family makes me happy and comfortable. When I'm with my family I have a magnificent amount of fun! They are so terrific! I love my family so much. Home is………… Home is where my sister is. I cherish my Sister so much, I love playing outside in my backyard with her! She makes me feel amused, cheerful, glad and extremely happy! We also love playing with Squisamalows! Squisamalows look so cute! It is like the Squisamalows are smiling at us! She is the BEST! Home is………….. People are kind to me. A lot of people are nice to me. I admire playing with my friends! Especially my friends and family! I love my friends and family very much! Home is…………… I feel safe when I’m with people I love. People are outstandingly kind to me. When I know I love someone it means I have fun with them and like doing stuff with them. When I feel safe it feels as good as anything. I love so many people. Home is………… Home is somewhere I have food ,water and ICE CREAM! It tastes so extraordinarily good! I know I can always have food and water. It feels the best! I am so thankful!


Grade 4

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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