Meaning of Home

Home is not just a word It’s where you fly like a bird Home is not just a place It’s where you have space Home is a feeling It doesn't need a ceiling Home is alive It’s the place where you thrive Home is family Where there’s no calamity Home is hope Where they accept your ope Home smells like love Home fits like a glove A house is temporary A home is always contemporary A home is forever A house may not always pull you together I may not win But I know where I’ve been That I belong In some place strong There are many ways to describe home Some might say it’s just cozy dome Others say it’s a place of life My mom says home is full off ife My dad says it’s full flavor By doing this poem I’m doing a favor Home is inside every single one of us Home is where we discuss Home is family, hope, life, love, awesome, amazing and alive It’s where were are revived Home is spirit Home has no period This is the meaning of home


Grade 6

Kelowna, British Columbia

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