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My home isn't a house or a place for me, it is the people around me. I have a big family from all over the world and I have a step dad so that adds to the people around me. I feel that the people around me have a big influence on me, and that's why they are my home. I have five siblings but I don't see them a lot, so when I see them it's really special. . I have four brothers (Danny Alex Jason Ben) and one sister (Annika). I don't live with any of my brothers sadly. Ben, the youngest brother, is 13 and he lives with my dad in Fort St. John so he can be with his friends. However, my dad is going to move down to Kelowna soon and I love my dad so much so I’m so happy! This will make Kelowna feel more like home than ever. Then there's Jason. He's 21 and he just moved out from my moms house where I live and he moved in with his girlfriend. I'm so happy for him but sad because I don't get his room! Now Alex is 22. He lives where my dad lives in Fort St. John with his girlfriend and I think they will move down too. Second last is Danny. He is the oldest at 24 and he also lives with my dad. Last, but not least, is Annika! She's the youngest. She lives with me, my mama, my step dad and grandma. She is 9 and in grade four. Then, of course, my mum and dad. My dad’s name is Paul and my mums name is Wendy. My dad is 50 and my mum is 46 and I love them both equally. Those are the people I’m always around. These are my people. It is with them that I feel at home!!


Grade 6

Kelowna, British Columbia

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