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What a home means to me is love and the support of a roof on your head, knowing that you will not be cold in the winter and if you have kids or a family you know the ones you love will be safe and warm. I think everyone should have the right to have a home to make memories in, everybody should have the same rights, some might feel like they are not wanted anymore, that they have nothing or no one by their side. Every day they try to survive one more day they are true fighters, and we see them all the time and it hurts that they are there almost naked, holes in their clothes, barefoot, it is sad. Some have children, pets, a wife, a husband, there are families. Imagine having to take care of your kids and pets with few things and knowing that anything at any time could happen, especially in bad weather. I go on a homeless walk every Christmas with my parents and we bring food, clothes and more, one of the times I went we stopped at a tent and there was a lady with her husband, and she was crying with joy. She was so grateful that we came to give her things that she needed, she even gave us hugs. She was really happy, and we are so grateful we don't have to live like that. Whenever I have a few extra dollars, I give it to those in need. It makes me feel good like I made that person's day. That is what a home means to me.


Grade 6

Hamilton, Ontario

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