Home for me is warmth. Even though I do not have a fireplace, I still feel warm, and safe. My family always makes me happy, no matter what. Home means life. Home means the paintings of things you like, or the photos of your family on the silky white walls. Home is protection and happiness. Protection from angry or upset or sad emotions. Protection from scared thoughts. Home protects you from darkness or sad feelings. Home will always be there no matter where you wander. It is always following you. Home means not just beds or roofs or buildings like houses. It means comfort. In my home, I like to read books, because that’s what makes me happy. Home means survival. Food. Sleep. Home is family. Your brothers, your sisters, your mom, your dad, your grandpa, your grandma, and lots of others! Home is fresh food and vegetables, like carrots and apples. Home means pets, like cats or dogs, hamsters or snakes, fish or even smaller creatures like grasshoppers or butterflies!!! Home is safe. Home is a happy place!


Grade 4

Colwood, British Columbia

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