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The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home When I wake up on a Saturday I’m covered with my covers, and my pillows too. I share a room with my brother. While I'm awake my brother is sleeping. I love my bedroom because it’s decorated in my favorite hockey team colors, the Montreal Canadiens. When I’m downstairs my mom is cooking an omelet for my dad and it smells really delicious. After breakfast I sit on the couch watch tv and chillax. After tv I eat a lunch it’s a cold cut sandwich. I feel happy hanging out with my family I have an attic but no one goes in there. In the basement I have a storage room where we put Christmas stuff. I also have a gym in the basement. I have a garage where we keep are summer stuff in there like bikes. My brother parks his car in the garage. When I’m in the kitchen I watch my mom cooking food. I think it’s satisfying. When I’m in the living room I sometimes hang out with my dad. We watch sports together. It’s really fun when I’m with my dad. With my family and home it’s the best thing I could ask for my home. I love my home, I love my family, and I love anything that I could ask for in my home. My sister has a nice bedroom like a big bed, a dresser and a lot of other stuff. My mom and dad have a master bed that can fit a lot of people. My big brother has a tv, a ps5 and more. In my house I have a lot of memories of when it was my first birthday that felt special. Or like the first time my aunt came over or when I got a dog he was cute. With all these memories home would be great, it wouldn't be better without memories. My dog is the best. He's cozy, fluffy, but stinky, even if he’s stinky it does not mean I’ll like him. I don't care whatever he does I still love like I always will. My dog lay down on me for hours which makes me happy. In my home I feel very safe. I can trust my family without my family. I would be sad, lonely and a lot more. My home smells like candy or hot chocolate. My home is like a happy land because in my family everyone is happy, nice and thankful. My home has a lot of things. But the number one important thing in my life is my family. If I had no family I wouldn’t be loved. I love my home and family for lots of reasons


Grade 4

Pincourt, Quebec

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