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An important secret

People might think that home is just a word, or a noun but it means more than it sounds. Home is a place it can be anywhere, a place with walls and a roof, a place with no walls but a roof, or even a place with walls and no roof, home means anything, or anywhere. That word that's just four letters can overjoy you with feelings, gushing in like waves in a dark storm. You can walk in after a normal day, and just smell that smell of home. It can be sweet like fresh baked cookies or bitter like bright yellow lemons. Home is like an old silver bucket, filled with memories forever even if the bucket is cracked, old, or harmed they will always be there. Home, that word to me means safety, guidance, and happiness. House you might've heard that word before, and think that means home, but it doesn't. Let me tell you a secret, a house is a place where it's not that place yet, for some people it can but for me house isn't home it's just a house. But home is a special place with feelings that can affect your body and mind, it makes you feel sad, or happy, or even angry sometimes. But home is something that I wish everyone had because some people don't have a safe happy home like we do. Home is a word that can make us feel joyful, home can be hard sometimes and can be sad but we should always remember what time we had. Family and fun arrive when you open your eyes, think of all those times, maybe your home was the last time you saw someone or even met someone, home is a strong, solid word that means everything.


Grade 6

St. Albert, Alberta

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