The Meaning of Home

Home to me is a safe place where I can spend time with my puppy, sibling, friends, or family. Home is not just a place I can feel loved, home is a place I can feel safe, welcomed, cared for, and happy. At home I feel happy when my family are all sitting down at the table eating dinner and chatting about our day and what we did at school. In my house, I can hear my puppy's little feet trotting on the hard floor in the kitchen, while in the background I can hear soccer on the tv. One of my favorite things to do in my house is sit on the carpet with my puppy, by the warm, cozy fire. When it is sunny out, I love to go out in my backyard and throw toys for my puppy. When I am outside, I like to jump on the trampoline and play soccer with my dad and brother. One thing I like to do when it is raining out, is sit at my desk and draw. When I am drawing, I feel happy, warm, and cozy. My favorite thing to do in the winter is sledding! I love waking up on a wintery day, looking out my window and seeing snow! What home means to me is on a snowy day I go out in my backyard with my brother and sled! We have a little hill in our backyard that we love to sled down. When I am out in the snow with my brother, I feel cared for and loved. On a hot, sunny, summery day I love to play in my front yard with my friends and do gymnastics while drinking refreshing lemonade. But on a cold, frosty day I love to snuggle up with my family and puppy while drinking hot cocoa. Home to me is snuggling up with my blankets every night while reading a book before I fall asleep. I have lived in three houses since I was born, and they all felt like home to me. But every time I moved into a new house and did not have all my things in my room or did not have all the things in the living room or kitchen it just did not feel like home. But after everything was in my room, living room or kitchen it felt like I had lived there my whole life. Always be thankful for your house. Some people do not have what you have like a warm cozy bed, a tv, a whole fridge of food, a couch, and a lot more. But home is not just a place that has walls and a roof, home is a place where your family is, home is a place where you can share your feelings and home is a place where you can feel safe. Those are all the things that home means to me. What does home mean to you?


Grade 5

Comox, British Columbia

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