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Home is a place that’s really important to you. Home is a place where you can do all kinds of things. Home is a place to rest. A place to wake up to your not so pleasant alarm. A place to have some yummy breakfast. A place to sit in your quiet room and relax. At home you can sit with your friends and talk together. At home you can reach over to get the remote and press the smooth and clean buttons on it. At home you can maybe read a book. You can spend some time with your family. You can stare at your colourful painting you made when you were in third grade.You can enjoy some hot chocolate that has an excellent smell and a nice, pleasant taste as well.You can listen to your favorite spotify playlist and just relax.You can annoy your siblings and have some fun. Home is your personal area for our personal things. Home is your quiet place to rest and think about your problems. Home is a place to do everything. Habitat for humanity helps people and families in need of homes. Habitat for humanity!


Grade 4

Edmonton, Alberta

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