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What My Home Means to Me!

This is what makes my home a home. I feel safe in my home when I am in my bedroom. I can swing on my swinging chair and sleep in my bunk bed. Me and my brother make forts in my bedroom. I love my room. I am happy when I am in my living room. I can sit and colour my colouring book on my couch. When I am colouring I feel happy, I also use colouring as a way to relax when I am mad. I can watch movies, eat popcorn, play with my friends and my brother. Doing these things in my living room brings joy to me. I can have fun in my basement. I can build legos, play basketball and hockey with my brother. I can even roller skate in my basement (not on my road). I can't do tricks though. I can do a lot more stuff but that would take a lot of explaining. I am 10 but anyone can have fun in their home. How do you feel about your home? I love my home.


Grade 5

Beaverlodge, Alberta

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