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Finding a Home with Callum the Hamster

Callum was a hamster who lived in a pet store but the cage he lived in had four roommates. (I mean, cage mates.) Bill was one of them he made jokes and kind of brightened when kids did not adopt them. Gale was another cage mate who liked to act like a super hero she also always had a small hat on. Kate who liked to talk a lot like a lot with long hair on her hamster head. And Fawna who knew like everything. These five were in the pet store for one month a long time. They were talking about if celery or carrots are better but while that happened the workers closed up shop. Their plan, formed an hour ago, came into action. With the junk Fawna collected for a couple days they grabbed the key to the cage. Callum stuck his chubby little Hamster arm outside the cage and snagged the key. After a while Callum was the first one out of the cage then Fawna, Gale, Bill, and Kate they all got out. “Hamsters, we have no home anymore!” said Gale. Callum agreed “Yeah you're right but that won’t stop us!” Bill then asked “Why did the house go to the doctor…because it had a window pane.” “Ha Ha Ha” everyone laughed. Callum and every one else exited the store. With there sweet new rides/hamster balls ,Gale was even more like a super hero she was happy. After a while Callum saw a person he hoped he could take them home sadly that didn’t happen. Hours later Kate saw some one and squeaked loudly, that person looked at them with happy eyes. “Hello, I’m Chloe, do you wanna come home with me. They all nodded so they had a home. Home is the people around you.


Grade 6


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