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Home is

Home is what is around you, like making a snow man with your friends in the neighborhood. It snows quite a lot but that is what makes it beautiful. On cold and cloudless night Northern Lights dance and play while the stars flash and twinkle. It is cold and icy but it is delightful. But in the summer within those short four warmer months we see some green like grass and flowers. Home is where you see people you love like eating with your family. Or going to the cabin with your parents and sitting next to a fire place reading a good book while we tell jokes. Losing in a board game so my sister doesn’t get mad at me. And going to school and seeing people you see almost every day. Going on a bumpy ride while listening to random tunes. Home is where you feel comfortable like visiting your friend’s house when you are there a lot. Or going to a tent frame trying to set it up then falling asleep after the long day camping. Home is just where you are.


Grade 6


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