Home sweet home

Home is where you are loved by anyone really, home isn't four walls it is but I feel like it's the people you are surrounded by. Love is in the air, they say that around valentines day but I think it's in the air every day. Even if your loved ones seem mad they love you everyday and just want what's good for you.Family helps you through the tough times they stick with you through thick and thin and will always try to help you. My home is built with love, trust and its carefully placed brick by brick step by step hand in hand home sweet home. It can't get any better than this. Home is the feeling of joy, happiness, love when you step into home you can feel that love is in the air . You just can feel the change automatically . It feels like there's a blanket wrapping you in the warmth of all the feelings. they just get to your brain immediately. Maybe you don't feel it but it's there at the back of your mind. Home sweet home. Home is different from any other place in the world. It's home, home sweet home. Home sweet home


Grade 5

Vancouver, British Columbia

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