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The Meaning of Home

HOME IS STUFFED CRUST PIZZA. Home is loving. Home is just right. HOME IS STUFFED CRUST PIZZA my home is a giant pizza I am the cheese inside the crust crust. My mom is the pepperoni, my dad is the cheese my dog is the crust my cat is the mushrooms my sister is the small pieces of meat and my brother is the green peppers. Home is loving. Like when I get back home my dog comes running to the door I go say hi to my mom and we hug then I hug my dad I say hi to my sister I play games with my sister I hang out and talk with my dad I go give mom lots of hugs and play games with her I hang out with all my family. My home is just right we have a couch a TV many video game consoles we have breakfast we have lunch and we have dinner and we have a cat and a dog my family is just. My home is loving living and fun.


Grade 4

Pincourt, Quebec

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