Everyone Deserves a Good Home

Hi, my name is Maeve and I am going to be talking about what home means to me. First of all Someone else might say “ home is a place that we live in and is built with wood, bricks or other materials” but I think a home is not necessarily a house it's a place that you're free to be you. And somewhere that people respect you for being you. Home is not a place where you should be afraid of expressing your feelings and ideas. Some people are focused on finding a nice house with a nice porch and a nice kitchen that they forget to find a home, a bond or people that accept and understand them. If you feel like you have a house but not a friendly accepting home try speaking with the people that could treat you better about respect and what they could do better . The moral of this story is that a home and a house are extremely different things. For example your house could be in the country and your home is in school with your friends or your home could be in the city and your home is in your room reading a book with your relatives. I hope you have enjoyed this document about what home means to me. Thank you for reading what I wrote and I hope all my hard work will go into a good cause!!


Grade 5

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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