Meaning of Home

Home,a place where I have loving parents and family and a roof over my head.Every friday me and my family have a movie night with fresh popcorn with a buttery smell we take turns picking out the movie . A place where you can grow a place where I can practice my gymnastics and every tuesday my Pop comes over and has supper after supper we usually play a game of cards. A place to cherish memories and build new ones, a place where you can feel accepted. I have lots of family around my home. My aunt lives right next door and I have lots of friends around the street and down the street so I am loved inside my home and out. All of the neighbors are really nice. My other next door neighbors always let us play in his backyard in the summer and all of the other seasons. I would love to help families in need


Grade 5

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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