meaning of a home

Meaning of a home My home a place where i feel safe a house i can lay in bed and not worry about the little things,i sit in my kitchen able to eat and drink with no one judging or laughing i can stay warm and cozy in my bed i would feel sad without a home no heat no food no comfort,sometimes i feel bad for those who don't have a home i love the feeling of waking up knowing that somebody will wake me up for school getting a hug from my mom and being thankful for what i have,maybe i do have a small home but in the end it's still a home where i can feel safe feel loved and most of all i have a good family.sometimes you can have a good home but you still have a bed to stay warm and not in any harm on the street you might not be thankful when your in your home but if you say made a bet that you would be able to live on the street that weeks over and you didn't do very good on the street and then you realize how good your home is actually good so before you apologize to someone about how small your house is or how old fashion it is think about how your house is not just about looking nice think about 4 walls and a roof and a place with heat and a bed.


Grade 6

bay roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador

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