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The Loving Feeling of Home

Have you ever wondered why you feel safe in some places? It's called Querencia, the feeling of home. Sounds - For me, home sounds like the fire sizzling, when snuggling up on the couch with my family for a funny cartoon movie, thunder rumbling on a dark stormy night, waves crashing after a big wave emerges from the water slamming back down to the water on a sunny day. Home is way more than a structure. It’s people, places feelings and more. Can you think of what home is for you? Is it the love of family and friends or the sound of the delicate snow falling? Nothing can beat the feeling of home – it's powerful and kind. Do you have a specific sound, smell, feeling, taste, or sight that makes you feel at home like fresh baking, because I sure do! I have a lot! I feel at home when I feel my dog's fluffy fur on my skin, making up games with my siblings (especially at the airport) and my family's laughing after a funny moment we will always remember. Just remember that you should always feel safe and loved in your home.


Grade 4

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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