What Home Means to Me!

Home can mean many things, but to me it means love! Home is my safe place in many ways. Starting off with my family! Me and my family love our home and I feel so bad for people who don't have a home just like mine! I don't get judged for anything I do at my home. I can relax in my own way. No need to act like I'm someone else. I can just be me! My home feels like a big warm hug that welcomes me with no judgement! My house is filled with memories from my best moments! My family laughs and I feel like I'm not even a second away from home. I'm super lucky for heat in winter and air conditioning in summer! Outside there are strangers waiting to capture you and inside is filled with people who care, love, and believe in me and my dreams. My family loves me for me and that will never change. Relationships crumble like a cookie, but not in my house. My home has a key to my heart, but others just have a key to get through the door. My house means the world to me and my family. I have 2 dogs and a hamster, so it is amazing to have shelter for them! I love my home and everyone should too! I feel so sorry for people who don't have a home because everyone deserves a home filled with love!


Grade 5

Moncton, New Brunswick

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