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Home is a pizza pocket. Home is where I feel safe, loved and happy! Home is my family. Home is the warmth of a pizza pocket. Inside is pepperoni, cheese, sauce and dough. The pepperoni is strong like the love that I have with my family. It could never break. The warm melting cheese keeps us together. The sauce is the comfort of love and home. The baked dough is like the stable structure of my home. I feel safe in my home because whatever I do my family won’t judge me. They are really family because whatever I do they will love me no matter what. When I need to talk to my Dad he is there. My Mom is there when I need help with my homework. My brother is there when I need to laugh. I love them all to the moon and back. Love is powerful and strong love is beautiful. It is nice. I can’t think about anything more important than the love of my family inside my heart and home. My home makes me happy. I love home. I can’t think of a home and family better than the ones I have.


Grade 4

Pincourt, Quebec

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