If home were a sound it would be the sound of my family gathered around the dinner table saying I love you. If home were a place it would be a safe, comfortable and warm place to be with your family. If home were a scent it would smell like fresh baked cookies straight out of the oven with some popcorn from our popcorn machine. If home were sight it would look like my family sitting on the couch watching a movie cuddled up before bed on a sunday afternoon. If home were the sense touch it would be my dogs at my feet cuddled against me before bed on a Saturday night. If home were the five senses it would be filled with love and happiness. If home were a feeling it would feel like love, happiness, not stress, only happy feeling, and this is what home means to me a happy, safe, cozy, loving place to be that you love your family with all your heart and love everything around you, have a good day or night.


Grade 6

Castlegar, British Columbia

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