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The Meaning of Home

As many people know A house is what you live in. And they say the same about a home, But don’t they realize they’re mistaken? These two terms are very different The same way dogs and cats are as well. I’ll teach you the difference between the two Because I think it’s time, if you couldn’t tell. It has a base and walls, But not where you feel secure. Can you guess which it is? It’s a house, I can assure. This one has a structure as well Though in this case, it’s where I’m full of glee. Can you guess which one this is? A home, indubitably! Now that you know the difference I can talk about my own. My home is so amazing, Your mind will be blown! My home is always looking Welcoming and exciting. Once a new holiday comes up, Our family will already be inviting! My home sounds like Music and laughter. Whenever I’m with my family, It feels like happily ever after. My home always smells like Trying new scrumptious things to cook. Or perhaps smelling the delicious fumes of a candle As I read one of my favourite books. My home tastes like All the things I love to eat From sushi, to pasta, maybe a bagel in the morning, Or just anything that’s sweet! Finally, my home feels like Where I want to be. With my family and my friends, Where I feel most like me I couldn’t have a better home, It’s absolutely perfect for me. And I hope everyone can have one too, With the help from Habitat for Humanity


Grade 6

Pincourt, Quebec

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